Play time begins.

A good life can involve many things. Like connection, success, learning, and joy. And it’s no coincidence that great products and the best design aspire to enable the same things — at their finest, they work to make our lives better.

Where else do we find these things?

Seeing kids playing in the sandbox, building their castles and fortresses with their hands, and building whole new worlds with their minds. We see success, connection, learning, and joy whenever we see play.

Psychologists have long recognized how critical play is to human development. Play teaches creativity, structure, adaptability, sociability, and critical thinking. Russian psychologist Lev Vygotsky, who pioneered modern thinking in childhood development, studied it to defy the then accepted view that children are constrained to fixed stages of development. He found that a child’s ability could be expanded through interaction and play with others. And, especially, “In play it is as though he were a head taller than himself.”

Play allows us to become better versions of ourselves.

This is a blog about creating great things. It reflects how playfulness — and the adaptability, motivation, empathy, and new thinking that brings — can help people design and build better products. It’s about how we can bring play to build our worlds better.

So let’s get our toes in the sand. We’re gonna make some fun.

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