Every story has a beginning

From the beginning of time — sitting around the campfire or from a grandparent to a child — people have told stories to share what matters. What we brought home from the hunt to the cave. What we’ve learned. Who we are.

We still tell stories. They’re how a CEO explains her business. How a nonprofit raises awareness around a cause. How an eighth grader shares what she learned last summer. And for the first time, one story, told by one person, can quickly spread to persuade or inspire millions of people.

But it’s hard to show a great story. You have to be a writer, artist, photographer, video editor, animator, musician, audio editor — and you have to have a lot of time.

What if there was a better way? We could break down storytelling into little building blocks for people to have fun playing, experimenting, and iterating with. We could let people use the most familiar storytelling tool — their voice — to make their message personal. And we could take care of production details to let people focus on what matters: their story.

And then everyone could show the stories that matter to them.

That’s the story we hope to tell, starting today. Meet Adobe Voice.
We can’t wait to see the amazing stories you tell.