Howdy! This blog is intended to share helpful perspectives on learning, creativity, design, technology. And it’s about bringing a sense of play to help build great products and experiences.

Play drives us to adapt, experiment, ask important questions, think creativity, solve problems, and connect with others. Play helps us grow. And playful experiences help people do amazing things.

In my day job, I manage next generation creative tools at Adobe. Before that I studied learning sciences and design at the Stanford Graduate School of Education, got nominated for an Emmy Award, taught design thinking and launched new products at the Reuters Innovation Studio, and picked up MBA and Computer Science degrees from separate stints at Stanford. I’m proud to serve on the Board of the Commonwealth Club’s INFORUM division, helping the oldest and largest public affairs forum in the United States share stories that matter. Most of the time, I’m probably on a bike in the flat parts of San Francisco. I also make some pretty tasty ice cream.

I like playing at the intersections of things, because that’s where the messy, interesting stories come from. We all bring different things to show and tell. So it’s time for our Legos, tea cup sets, and dino action figures to join forces. Let’s bring them all into the sandbox together.

And let’s play.